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Life is meant to be about fun isn't it? Then why do we spend so much of it doing exactly the opposite? Thinking we need to hustle all of the time, work ridiculous hours, save our money for retirement and not enjoy the present moment? 

At Capture Life we have several streams of inspiration and empowerment to ensure that you live your best life and capture the moments along the way to be able to reflect how abundant your life is!

Our women's holistic online coaching either 1:1 or groups, to our day retreats focuses on freeing women from the prison of their own mind enabling them to be empowered to manifest abundance to live their best life.

Food Styling and Photography is available for the cafe, restaurant or event wanting to bring their food to life, telling its own unique story through the lens, enticing diners to seek them out to be involved in the next chapter. 

See below for a full range of our services and contact us if you want to live your best life full of abundance, freedom, high vibes and prosperity.


Capture Life Services

1:1 & Group Coaching & Mentoring

My Coaching is designed to have an impact of empowerment, inspiration, direction and a touch of tough love to ensure you live your best life.

Designed in both 1:1 and small groups, my coaching is interactive, supporting, encouraging and gives you the tools you need to move forward, speak your truth, align and be confident with who you are.

For more information follow the link to the page.

Bringing Food to Life

With a love of food and photography, I love nothing better than bringing the food in your cafe, restaurant or function to life. 

My food styling and photography sessions will allow your food to bring people together, tell a story and create memories for your customers, colleagues, families and friends.

Women's Workshops & Events

Events, workshops and retreats that bring women together to teach them more self love, confidence and abundance. 

To shut out the world and focus on yourself is something women don't do enough of. Work, family, phones, social media, comparisonitis or simply just not living and being trapped in your own sense of lack is why these full and half day retreats have been designed.

Each retreat has a different focus and outcome, however all with the same purpose of proving to yourself how truly awesome you are.

Indulgence,Pampering & Guilt Free - Delivered to your door!

How good is this!

A little luxury, a lot of self care and a tonne of self indulgence describes our guilt free gifts.


Designed with the concept of spoiling yourself, nourishing your soul, calming the mind and re-energising your heart, these gift boxes are full of so many goodies!

Escape reality and in the comfort of your own home, rejuvenate with one of these retreats that will have you feeling as amazing as we know you to be.

Head to the page by clicking on the link below to choose your pamper pack!

Motivational Speaker

Adding motivation, reality, vulnerability, stories and laughter, Colleen will ensure your next event includes all of that!

Making the most out of life after facing her own challenges from domestic violence, depression, bullying in the work place and more, Colleen has found the courage to fight back with a now abundant life as an entrepeneur full of positivity, love, zero stress and pure happiness.

What are you waiting for!

If you want you, your business, your colleagues, your employees, living their best life, then please contact us as to how we can best serve you.

Coffs Harbour NSW, Australia


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